Is Your Dirty AC Filter Causing Your Allergies?

With temperatures rising in summer, air conditioning is one of the best ways to stay cool indoors. While air conditioning may feel great when you cannot stand the heat, it may aggravate your allergy symptoms if you don’t go through apt maintenance services offered by an AC repair company in Clarkesville. Every year, more than 50 million Americans are affected by various types of allergies.

However, the majority of people don’t know that they are affected and live a normal life. As most Americans suffer from allergies due to dirty air filters, you can find an AC repair company in Clarkesville around you. 

So, let us delve deeper and know the causes and types of allergies to prevent yourself from severe diseases.

  • Causes of Allergies

It is natural to believe that air filters are installed to help keep your air cleaner. The truth is that their primary function is to protect your heating and cooling systems. To prevent damage and wear and tear, they keep dust and dirt out of the equipment. There are unseen particles in the air that you can’t see with your eyes, and these particles may irritate the body somehow. But it does not mean that the quality of air causes allergies. No! The dirty air filters cause allergies which are worse for the lungs and skin and thus cause infection.

  • Types of Allergies

Allergic reactions, such as sinus congestion, asthma, allergic rhinitis, and hypersensitivity pneumonitis, could be triggered by air filters. If your symptoms seem to be worse indoors, then consult your doctor to rule out other environmental allergies such as dust mites.

  • Precaution Taken

Experts recommend the following steps to reduce these reactions – 

  1. Maintain a humidity level of less than 50% at your home. 
  2. Humidifiers and vaporizers should be avoided.
  3. Dirty AC filters should be cleaned regularly. It would prevent the accumulation of dust mites and other antigens on filter dust.
  4. Smoking indoors should be avoided.
  5. Cleaning in and around the system, inspecting and cleaning the ducts and ventilation, and ensuring the system operates properly would help keep your home allergy-free.

The study also showed that dirty AC filters with a high concentration of dust mines are found in crowded places like houses, hospitals, schools, and offices. To protect these places from dirt and other damages, one should install the best ac with advanced features. There are companies that provide you with very good quality air filters at less cost. 

As most Americans suffer from allergies due to dirty air filters, you can find several AC repair companies around you, providing affordable services for air filter change among others. Not all filters handle air particulates in the same way; however, higher-quality filters are more expensive, but they filter out even the smallest particulates.

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