Why Does Your AC Make Noise?

Summer has already set in, and the indicator on the thermostat has started to spiral up. Most of us have already turned on our air conditioners, hoping that they will function properly and save us from the sultry heat. Your air conditioner should function normally with its characteristic sound. An unusual noise indicates a malfunctioning system requiring repair.

These sounds are more like symptoms indicated that your air conditioner requires professional service. Negligence may prove harmful to your air conditioner, as these sounds are warnings. Simultaneously, an in-time repair can help you save bucks by nipping the issues in the bud before they become problematic.

Several reasons may cause different kinds of sounds in an air conditioner. Some of these causes are listed below –

1. Chirping Sound

Usually considered normal due to the warming up of the system, a chirping sound is not much of a concern if it lessens with time. It is common as the unit tries to fire up after a long period of inactivity. However, if a system exhibits such sound, it might need to be checked as it may result from a worn-out belt.

2. Clicking Sound

A clicking sound is an urgent alarm. It indicates a problem with the relay of the air conditioner system. A technician will check the electrical supplies to ensure that no further issues develop with the system. He will check the power supply and scrutinize all electrical fittings for their insulation and circuit. You can search AC maintenance Toccoa, GA, on the internet to connect with a technician.

3. Squealing/Screeching Sound

Such sounds indicate problems with the integral components of the AC system. A squealing sound may be indicating that an outdoor fan is failing, which later hints at a malfunctioning compressor. A trained technician can mend the issues in time with proper replacement and service. Connect with a technician instantly by searching AC replacement in Toccoa, GA on Google.

4. Rattling Sound

Rattling sounds may be caused due to several reasons. It ranges from lack of lubrication, malfunctioning components to debris trapped in the system. Foreign objects in the condenser unit like twigs or leaves may cause a rattling sound. Regular inspection can help to keep debris away from entering the system. A loose fan or belt, worn-out motor, or even a loose panel may cause the system to produce a rattling noise.

Besides these reasons, as mentioned above, an air conditioner may produce several unknown sounds due to loose screws, blades touching the panels, bent coil fins, etc. A keen ear can help to pick up these sounds and take necessary action. Prompt action in time can help you save your air conditioner from developing bigger and more serious complications. If your air conditioner makes any of such sounds, you should right away connect with an HVAC professional by searching AC service near me on the internet.

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