Why Do Furnaces Need An Exhaust Flue?

The main function of the furnace is the emission of heat into our homes. But it’s not just that, along with the heat, a few toxic gases are also produced, which should be expelled carefully. Which otherwise could result in hazardous consequences for everybody living inside the house, including plants and pets.

The furnace has a few important components which play a major role in the expulsion of these gases. Exhaust flue is one such component that is responsible for keeping your home safe from these toxic gases. In this article, you will find out why the furnaces at your home require an exhaust flue.

Role of The Exhaust Flue

Exhaust flue plays a significant role in your heating system. It is extremely important for the safety of the members at your home. As we know, the heating takes place inside the furnace. This process involves several steps. The process starts when the natural gas is lit in the burners, creating a great deal of heat inside the furnace.

The burning gas then passes through the heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is a tube that has two openings. It facilitates the passage of the ignited natural gas through it, filters the heat produced, and allows it to be blown inside your home through the ducts and vents.

During this entire process, several toxic gases are also created. That is when the exhaust flue of your furnace comes into action. The toxic gases released in the heat exchanger pass through the exhaust flue and are emitted out of the house safely.

Hence the exhaust flue plays a major role in venting out toxic gases like carbon monoxide. In most of the furnaces, a fan is used to expel the gases. The exhaust flue ensures that your furnace functions safely and without causing any hazardous effects on your home.

Importance of The Exhaust Flue

Suppose you encounter that your exhaust flue is not functioning properly or has completely broken down. In that case, you should immediately look for a furnace repair near me and get it repaired because it has a major role in your house’s safety.

If by any chance the exhaust flue is not repaired, it can prove to be hazardous for the members of your family. The toxic gases emitted during the entire heating process don’t find a way to escape, because of which they are released inside the house along with other heat. This might lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, which might prove to be fatal. Hence you must always check on this part of the furnace to ensure safety and good indoor air quality.

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