What To Do When My Furnace Repeatedly Stops And Starts?

Does your furnace keep shutting off nearly as soon as it turns on? Are you irritated with the temperature jumping up and down?

This is called short-cycling or having a furnace turn off and on rapidly and constantly. Then you have programmed. It is a serious dilemma for householders. It’s not just aggravating; heating bills are extremely high if the faulty heating pattern goes on. But what is the reason for a furnace to keep shutting off? And how to fix it? Here are some issues your furnace could be facing:

  • A blocked Air Filter

If your air filter is blocked with dirt and dust, the airflow to the heat exchanger is limited, and the element overheats. As a result, it activates the high limit switch, also known as the safety shutoff. A solution to this problem is to switch off the furnace and replace the filter if you have the disposable type.

There are permanent filters that better protect your furnace, are more environment-friendly, and are created to be cleaned and reused. Whatever filter you use, ensure that you inspect it once every month and clean or replace it every 3 months. Open some of your vents and have your furnace blower wheel cleaned for better airflow.

  • The Thermostat is The Problem

Check your thermostat to find if it is turned on. Ensure that it’s switched to “HEAT” and see if it is at the right temperature. If the temperature setting is too low, your furnace will turn off more frequently. Consider the thermostat location too.

The thermostat must be positioned away from heat or cold sources and placed above about 1.5 meters from the floor level. Make sure that it isn’t placed too high since hot air rises. If the thermostat has an extreme temperature, it may result in a shortened furnace cycle.

  • A Dirty Flame Sensor

The gas furnace’s flame sensor is a safety device that cuts off the natural gas supply when no flame is observed. If your flame sensor becomes perforated with sediment or corrosion, it won’t work properly and will keep turning off the gas valve. If you find that you have this problem, get an expert furnace repair right away.

  • The Furnace is Very Large For Your House

Your furnace might be too large for the size of your house. An oversized furnace will heat the space too rapidly, turn it off, and suddenly start again when the house cools down. This constant stopping and starting are irritating and waste energy and wear your furnace out more than usual. In addition, your house is never really a coherent temperature. If your furnace is 15 years old, the best solution will be to replace your furnace with a right-sized energy-saving model.

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