What Parts You Should Check To Maintain Your Furnace?

furnace maintenance in Cleveland, GA

An experienced HVAC technician will follow a very particular procedure to ensure that your furnace or any other kind of heating unit is working properly. However there are a few things you can do before scheduling furnace maintenance in Cleveland, GA that are easy enough to do yourself. Your unit is designed to last for a very long time, but it’s vital that you don’t totally neglect your system before one of us comes out to inspect your unit! Yes there are many, many things that should be left to a professional, but you can always replace your filters regularly, clean the debris that’s accumulated around your unit, and check for gas leaks too. If you’d like to know what it is we do when we come in, then read on…….

They’ll Make Sure Your System Is Operating Safely

Even though you may have found out that your system is leaking gas, or the ducts have become detached in places, it’s important that you have someone look into that who can ensure your safety. We can properly switch the system off while we perform repairs, and make sure the fuel supply is turned off so that there’s no buildup of dangerous carbon monoxide gases. Our techs can also inspect the instructions that came with your furnace to make sure we’re doing everything according to the warranty guidelines.

furnace maintenance in Cleveland, GA

We Check For Proper Airflow

            A few of the tasks that we perform to ensure proper airflow is to make sure your thermostat is working correctly, clean the vents and blowers, as well as inspect the fans. If you’ve been setting your thermostat regularly, and there’s still spots that feel cooler than others then it may need to be recalibrated. Also, lots of debris can collect in the vents because there’s still some particles that get through the filter. Too much can cause the system to work too hard and thus risk breaking some parts that’ll need to be replaced. Many of these issues are fixed with specialized equipment and require some knowledge to navigate around the system. Any of these problems will affect your system’s ability to keep your home flowing with clean air, but scheduling regular furnace maintenance in Cleveland, GA can make a tremendous difference.

Common Parts That Need Replacement

            The air filters and oil filters will be the parts that need to be replaced the most, and thankfully someone at your local hardware store can help you find the right part for your system. However there will be times that installing a new filter may not correct whatever is ailing the system you’re using. Hopefully you haven’t neglected your system for too long and there won’t be any problems to correct, but this is why you should participate in one of our annual maintenance plans here at Zap Cooling & Heating! We offer discounts to clients who are subscribed underneath this plan, and you also receive priority scheduling too. Call us today at 706-219-1709 if you’d like to learn more about these plans!