Significance Of Maintaining Your Ac During The Winter Months

People prefer to turn off the air-conditioners as soon as winter is approaching, and plan to use them during summer. Though it saves energy during winters, maintaining AC during the winter season is the most crucial step.

If you want your air conditioner to last longer with minimum wear and tear, it is necessary to take all precautions during the winter. If you are looking for an AC repair nearby, we are here with our best services.

Let’s Review Some Options Where Both Homeowners or Specialists Can Take Care Of:

Changing The Filters Regularly

It is advised to change the filters every 90 days or as per the season to examine the performance and avoid high replacement and repair costs in the future.

Ill-timed checkups can lead to clogging filters with dirt, dust, and allergens which will ultimately consume high strength resulting in high utility bills.

Protect your HVAC System

One of the precautions suggested is to cover and protect your central AC unit. During winters, snowfall and ice mount upon the outdoor condenser. Place an order today for an all-weather protective shield for your air-conditioner. If you need an AC repair or AC service provider nearby, contact Zap Cooling and Heating services.

Examine Your Drains

The Condensation process done by the AC unit’s condenser is channeled by the drain hose, which can get plugged. Thus, it is important to unblock the drain before, during, and after the winter.

Check Ac Coils/Fins

The dirt and harmful particles can destroy the coils of an air-conditioner, leading to several issues, thereby leading to high maintenance charges.

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Having a Clean Space

Dirt and dust can get built up during spring due to leaves and in winter due to snow. It’s safe to keep the surroundings clean to avoid any clogging.

Operating an Ac During Winters

This is the common question asked to HVAC experts/technicians if homeowners need to run ACs during wintertime?

Let’s Understand Both Perspectives:

During summers, the oil can get built up and might lead to a “dry run” when you suddenly start the AC. On the other hand, running your AC during winters will keep them free from ice and snow and will ensure the system is working fine in the summers.

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