Repercussions of Not Changing The AC Filter!

When summer arrives, everyone has a ritual to adapt to the changing climate. Preparing the air conditioner is a common task on everyone’s list. Summers would be dreadful without our air conditioners. We run our AC units without paying any attention to their tendency of getting worked up and accumulating dust and dirt.

Air conditioners are made up of coils, a motor fan, and filters. Filters are an essential part of your air conditioning unit. They are responsible for filtering the hot air entering your unit and the cool air generated by your AC. The process of cleaning filters is often neglected by us, as we are unaware of its significance in increasing the air conditioner’s efficiency. We never ignore the soiled parts of our home, do we? Similarly, filters also have to be kept squeaky clean for a better cooling experience.

Here is a list of consequences which you will face if you don’t clean your AC filters-

  • Contamination Due To Mold And Moisture

    mold and moisture build-up is inevitable as the filter accumulates finer particles like pollen, mold spores, dander, etc. If you have a high-efficiency filter with finer pores, there are high mold and moisture contamination chances. Schedule a service with AC contractors in Clarkesville and get the filters changed. Mold and moisture contamination can cause harmful allergies and illnesses as the air passes through the filter 7 to 8 times a day.

  • Sedimentation on Blower Fans And Ductwork

    Dust and dirt are the most basic waste material building up on your filters. Every air contains a certain amount of dust in it, which has to be filtered for better air quality and cool air. Even a standard HVAC filter collects dust and dirt from the air. This waste then gets piled up on the fans and ducts of the unit, restricting the airflow and exerting pressure on the functioning of the unit. To avoid air conditioning fix in Clarkesville, it is diligent in changing the filters regularly.

  • Depletion of The Unit

    Filters are not the only parts of an air conditioner unit severely affected by dust and dirt accumulation. Other parts of the unit also start to wear out. The extra pressure applied to the unit leads to the abrasion of other parts of the unit like fans, ducts, coils, etc. Moreover, your AC unit will start to consume more power, spiking your energy bills. You will have to spend on the parts of your AC unit and the electricity bill as well. Changing your filters consistently can be a life-saving move!

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