We save you valuable time and money with our seasonal maintenance!

Maintenance Plan in Northeast GeorgiaWe, at ZAP Services Cooling & Heating, offer maintenance and tune ups for your whole house Cooling and Heating systems. Our technicians are trained and skilled on what to do and look for during scheduled spring (cooling) and fall (heating) scheduled maintenance. Just like your car, if you don’t perform routine maintenance it doesn’t perform efficiently, becomes less dependable, has major failures or becomes time for replacement. Your whole house comfort system is no different. It must be routinely maintained to perform efficiently and give you years of reliable service.

Here at ZAP Services Cooling & Heating, we are very thankful for all our loyal customers. All our annual maintenance customers receive priority scheduling for service calls and replacements. Also, our annual maintenance customers receive a 10% discount on any service call repair. Call us at ZAP and we will be glad to answer any of your questions or schedule a time to perform your routine maintenance, service or free system replacement evaluation. We are here to help!

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