How Do You Reset Your Amana Furnace?

Amana is one of the leading producers of HVAC systems around the globe. The gas furnaces are one of the best-selling products by Amana. These furnaces are said to be energy efficient. All the Amana furnaces are powered by a dual-diameter tubular heat exchanger and different speed meters. It helps you provide good heat across any climate conditions in your room. These furnaces are said to be silent and one of the best available in the market.

1. When is The Time to Reset The Furnace?

There are various factors that might help you decide when to reset your furnace. Sometimes your furnace doesn’t heat properly or throws dust while heating. There might be issues with the thermostat or a leakage in the drainpipe due to which there might also be water leaking. The flame sensor, used to detect the flame in the furnace, sometimes stops working leading to many problems in the furnace. It is best suggested to repair the furnace in such cases.

2. How to Perform a Reset on Your Furnace?

  • If the furnace is not heating then the issue can be with the circuit breaker or the ignitor. If the parts are cracked, then replacement is the best option. But if it is not cracked, you can use a multimeter test for continuity.
  • If the thermostat is faulty, then check if your thermostat has an adjustable calibration scale. It helps you adjust the heat anticipator.
  • If your furnace is not throwing hot air, then you need to see if the power outlet is working fine. If the power is fine and still the furnace is not working, the motor might have failed to work. A faulty motor also leads to the breakage of the connecting belt. You’ll need to replace the entire belt to reset the furnace.
  • If the furnace is blowing too much air, the control board is faulty and the only option is to replace the furnace. The sensor of the furnace detects the flame and sometimes it doesn’t work. Due to this, the furnace sometimes misbehaves. You can clean the sensor or wipe the eroded part and check if it works properly. If it still fluctuates, then it’s time to replace the sensor. Troubleshooting helps most of the time but it does not work, then replacement is the best option.

3. Where Can You Get Professional Help to Reset Your Furnace in Toccoa?

You can troubleshoot most of the issues on your own but sometimes you just need to call for professional help to avoid hazards. Zap cooling and heating service is a leading service provider of Amana furnaces in Toccoa. The consultants and experts here can help you solve your problem with ease and without spending a lot. The experts here make sure that they solve the problem as stated by the customer. We recommend you to buy the annual heating contracts of Zap cooling and heating service which will help you go with more hassle-free minds while servicing as the experts will themselves come and maintain your furnace throughout the year.