Get Ready for Spring in 5 Easy Steps

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Spring cleaning means getting around to all the chores we put off over the year. There’s no better time to get your AC ready for the coming heat of our Georgia spring and summer weather. ZAP Services Cooling and Heating has put together an easy list for you to take charge as homeowner when it comes to your air conditioners performance. Just like you have to change the oil on your car to keep its engine running smoothly, your AC needs some TLC. Fortunately this process can be accomplished quickly and easily as part of your springtime cleaning routine. Our heating and cooling company in Clarkesville, GA has been helping families since 2003. Take action and let us know how your AC performs after these steps in the comments section on this post.

  1. Change your air filters each month. When you are running your AC frequently, you need to change its filters every month for top performance. Protect your air conditioner from a shortened lifespan by clearing out dirty filters that let escaped dirt and contaminants cause clogs and additional wear to the system. Not only will your AC last longer, but it’s performance will improve in terms of filtering out allergens from the air and using less energy to pull air through the system and cool your home. Our Pro Tip: Make an area near your AC to store filters. Then, the next time you visit the hardware store, buy 3-6 filters so you have a supply ready. Add a reminder for each month on your cell phone calendar or write it down on a paper calendar. Making it easier will help keep it consistent and hassle-free.
  2. Get the yard in order. Make sure the area around your outdoor AC unit is free of branches and leaves that could cause a clog or jam in your unit. Sweep around it or rake away debris.
  3. Clean your outdoor compressor unit. Turn off the AC first for safety! Using a hose with a handle attachment, aim it at the compressor box and use a circular and up and down pattern to clean out buildup of dirt and dust.

heating and cooling company in Clarkesville, GA

  1. Keep up on professional maintenance. Every year, your AC should be maintained by a professional technician. If it’s been a year or more, it’s time to get this done. At a low cost and only about one hour of time, your technician will clean, test, and maintain your AC to keep it performing at its best. This is also the best way to save money on repairs because your technician will be able to spot a small issue such as a worn part needing replacement, saving you from having to replace a larger component and spending much more money to do so!

Did you make it through the list? How’s your AC performance? Whether you need maintenance or help with a repair, our heating and cooling company in Clarkesville, GA can help. Call ZAP Services Cooling and Heating today at 706-219-1709.