Easy Ways To Know If Your AC Condenser Is Working

Air conditioners are HVAC units responsible for circulating cool air throughout the room or house while removing excess humidity. This ensures comfort for you and your family when the weather is hot. Although lesser do we know, AC contains several internal elements which help it function.

A condenser is an essential part of an AC and is responsible for cooling down the unit and condensing incoming refrigerant vapors into a liquid. It includes various components like fans, motor, tubes, coil, circuit board, etc. If your condenser has stopped working or malfunctioning, you need to start Googling “AC service near me.”

3 warning Signs That Your AC Condenser Is Not Working

  • Relatively less cooling capacity
  • Loud and weird noises coming from the unit
  • A noticeable amount of liquid leaking from the unit

When To Replace Or Repair Your AC Condenser?

A sudden AC breakdown in the dead of night can be a nightmare. But, how do you know you just need a condenser repair or a complete AC replacement in Toccoa, GA? Following are the factors that determine what you need to do.

When To Repair

  • Dirty condenser- If you see a lot of accumulation of dirt and debris, contact an AC service technician who will give it a thorough cleaning and remove any blockage.
  • Dirty coil- Just like filters, the coil can also catch dirt and become blocked. A reliable company for AC maintenance in Toccoa, GA, can simply fix it to improve your unit’s performance.
  • Bad capacitor- A HVAC technician can do this easy repair by replacing the faulty capacitor.
  • Faulty condenser relay switch- This is a typical issue and can be easily repaired by swapping out the broken switch with a new one.
  • Faulty motor- Usually, a defective motor needs to be replaced. However, check the documentation for correct replacement products to prevent further harm to the condenser.

When To Replace

  • Damaged condenser coil- While you can bring dirty coils to life by cleaning, a damaged coil must be replaced at all costs. Unless your condenser is covered under warranty, it’s better to get the whole condenser replaced by a professional AC replacement in Toccoa, GA.
  • Massive blockage- If you are experiencing any significant blockage in your AC unit, you need to replace the condenser right away. In some instances, the blockage can be so extensive that you have to go for an AC replacement in Toccoa, GA.
  • Leaks- Condenser seals and tubes are responsible for handling refrigerant and fluid leaks. As it is impossible to replace just the tubes and seals, the whole condenser needs to be replaced if they become faulty.

While timely AC maintenance in Toccoa, GA, can help the condenser and other parts to remain in good shape, sometimes replacement is the only viable option. ZAP Cooling & Heating can help you get the best quality service. We deal with all HVAC installation, repairs, and maintenance at reasonable prices. Call us at (706)219-1709.