AC Tune Ups in Clarkesville, GA and Surrounding Areas

AC Tune Ups

AC Tune Ups in Clarkesville, GA and Surrounding AreasAC Tune Ups in Clarkesville, GA are the real deal, you will have an extensive cleaning and calibration of you air conditioner which will likely make it work close to the way it did when you bought it. Tune ups aren’t routine maintenance, however. Maintenance is like getting a regular cleaning every few months at your dentist’s office; tune ups are like getting a deep cleaning every few years at your dentist.

What Does a Tune Up Entail?

A tune will include a thorough cleaning of the condenser coils to save money on energy bills and alleviate wear and tear on the system, an evaluation of coolant levels, lubrication of your parts, a full calibration of your thermostat, an inspection of the ductwork to check for energy loss (if applicable), inspection and tightening of all electrical connections to check for safety of the system, and an evaluation of the blower performance by checking the blower motor and blower belt. It actually includes much more, but these are the major components in a tune up.

When Does My System Need a Tune Up?

Ideally, a tune up should be done every year or two, but if it has been a few years since your last maintenance then it is definitely time for a tune up. You may not have noticed, but your air conditioner loses about 5% of its functioning ability every year without a service. This means you will be replacing parts or the whole AC a lot sooner than you should have to, and that you are definitely spending more in energy bills than you should be.

Price Guarantee

ZAP Services Cooling & Heating is transparent with all of its prices, we will never throw any unexpected costs your way. The only thing that will incur large costs are replacements of expensive parts, but doing routine maintenance and tune ups will safeguard you from a costly repair situation. This is for two main reasons: We keep your air conditioner clean, so damage isn’t occurring very often. Also, we see your AC often and are able to make small repairs that will keep you from having to make large repairs. This is why it is always a great idea to stay up to date with your maintenance and tune ups!

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