AC Maintenance Service in Toccoa and Clarkesville, GA
AC Maintenance in Clarkesville, GA and Surrounding AreasAC Maintenance

Everyone wants their AC to last 50 years and never once have to be tinkered with. The reality is, that without routine AC Maintenance in Clarkesville, GA, your AC won’t be functioning very well after a few years. This isn’t your AC’s fault. They are built to filter the air that they produce, that means the filtration system needs to be cleaned often. The dust in a house may seem small and harmless, but years of dust adds up and can be a huge hindrance to your AC.

Maintenance, When Is It Best Done?

The idea behind maintenance is to do it when your AC doesn’t have any problems. If you waited until your AC had a problem, it wouldn’t be a maintenance any longer but a repair. Repairs need a great deal more work to accomplish what a maintenance can, sometimes repairs even call for costly replacement parts. These parts are expensive from the manufacturer, if we could make them ourselves and charge you next to nothing, we would. However, we aren’t allowed make these parts, so doing routine maintenance is the best way to ensure that your AC stays happy and functional for as long as possible.

No Surprise Costs

The biggest issue with repairs is that the price can go up quickly due to the need of new parts. The beauty of maintenance services is that since you take care of your AC, you won’t be paying any surprise replacement costs. Our maintenance fee is an upfront flat fee, with no “add-ons” to empty your wallet with. You trust us to enter your home and work on your expensive appliances, so we feel it is our duty to show our trustworthiness with upfront prices.

Will Maintenance Keep My AC Around Longer?

Unless there is a major factory issue or recall on your AC unit, maintenance will undoubtedly improve the longevity and functionality of your AC. Without maintenance, AC’s will accumulate dust and grit that will rub the internal parts until the break. Getting maintenance will clear that grit, and allow us to replace the minor pieces before they break off and chew up your AC. Without a maintenance, this will happen eventually, we’ve seen it time and time again.

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