5 Questions You Should Ask An Air Conditioner Installer

There’s no other way to escape the hot and humid summers of Toccoa than relying on air conditioners. Getting a new air conditioner for your home is a major investment. Your home’s comfort and energy savings can largely depend on the air conditioner; that’s why you need to make sure it’s worth it. After all, an AC unit is a long-term commitment of about 10-15 years.

An AC installation process seems quite complicated if you don’t have enough knowledge. That’s why you must enquire about some crucial points before going for an air conditioning installation in Toccoa, GA.

5 Questions You Need To Ask Your Air Conditioner Installer

  • What Size Should The AC Be?

Did you know that size of the air conditioner plays a vital role in your home’s overall energy efficiency? Yes, many people buy an AC that is too large for their house, resulting in spiked energy bills and unnecessary load on the house’s circuit. That’s why you must contact a professional AC technician so that they can calculate your home’s cooling needs, also known as load calculation. In this way, they can suggest the correct size AC for your home.

  • What New Technology Should I Look For?

If you are getting a new air conditioner, it’s pretty apparent that you must be looking for that latest technology. Look for the latest features like variable fan speed, which operate at low speed but accelerates whenever the temperatures demand. Also, do not forget other system elements like thermostats that correspond well to the new AC.

  • How Efficient Is This New System?

You must have noticed that your existing air conditioner has lost its efficiency over time. When you are going for a new air conditioning installation in Toccoa, GA, make sure it has an Energy Star label. Such systems are designed to meet or surpass the minimum energy requirements established by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). They also offer a high SEER rating, which reflects its overall efficiency.

  • How Much Time Will It Take To Install?

In most cases, an air conditioning installation in Toccoa, GA, isn’t a quick process. It usually includes other work like plumbing, ductwork, extensive calibration, and testing, all taking almost a day. Sometimes, the installation can also take several days when the work is extensive. Therefore, always ask your installer about a reliable timeline for your new air conditioner.

  • Are You Eligible To Do The Job?

Handling HVAC systems requires a lot of knowledge and expertise. Therefore, when shortlisting companies or technicians after a quick “AC repair near me” Google search, don’t hesitate to cross-check their license, certifications, and experience in this field.

New AC installation can be a tricky process with several complications. In case of any faulty installation, you might face problems in the long run. If you often Google “AC repair near me,” talk to one of our technicians from ZAP Cooling and Heating. We feature the best quality Amana air conditioners and heating appliances. Call us today at (706)219-1709.